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Anhui Kinmax Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

ADD: No. 6699, Huizhou Avenue, Binhu New District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

TEL: +86-551-62992450

FAX: +86-551-62992451


0123320041 12V 90A

0123320041  12V 90A
Electrical specifications        
Voltage 12          
Amp 90          
Cross reference          
BOSCH 0123320041 0123340007        
CARGO 111890          
HC PARTS CA1209IR          
LESTER 13811          
ISKRA 11203030 AAK5322        
MERCEDES BENZ 0091543302 0101540802 A0091543302 A0101540802    
WOOD AUTO ALT20002          
Mercedes-Benz, Passenger cars Asia and Oceania
Mercedes-Benz, Passenger cars
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