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Anhui Kinmax Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

ADD: No. 6699, Huizhou Avenue, Binhu New District, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China

TEL: +86-551-62992450

FAX: +86-551-62992451


0123320057 12V 90A

0123320057 12V 90A
Electrical specifications        
Voltage 12          
Amp 90          
Cross reference          
BOSCH 0123320057 0123325007 123335005      
HC PARTS CA1138IR          
LESTER 13610-6G2          
ISKRA 11203011 AAK5312        
SAAB 5246871 8548943 8549438      
WOOD AUTO ALT10114          
Saab, Passenger cars Asia and Oceania
Saab, Passenger cars
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